Our Philosophy

Joel Miller and others founded MW to be a different type of law firm. As many law firms expanded and merged to form the mid-size and large firms common today, the founders of MW believed they could provide higher-quality litigation services and achieve better results for their clients by remaining independent. Over the years, we have declined multiple invitations to join our sophisticated practice with larger firms.

We believe independence is essential to our practice. We specialize in commercial litigation and arbitration matters that require a sophisticated and aggressive approach. We routinely represent law firms, financial institutions, mortgage servicers, hedge and other funds, asset managers, real estate investors, and other companies, as well as individual officers, directors and employees in a broad array of matters, including contract, malpractice defense, real estate, employment, unfair competition, intellectual property, financial and professional and lender liability.  

Small teams of dedicated, experienced attorneys who are involved in all aspects of a matter achieve better and more efficient results than hierarchies of junior, mid-level and senior associates. Our partners are hands-on in all phases of a matter. Our associates come to us, usually from large firms, with several years experience.

Litigators should be trial attorneys. While many litigations and other disputes may be resolved most favorably to our clients prior to trial or hearing on the merits, we are at all times ready and willing to try cases. The strategies and decisions early in a case are often critical to the options available if a matter goes to trial. Our attorneys have extensive trial and arbitration experience, and each year we successfully try numerous cases in court and arbitration.

We believe in technology. We are experienced in all aspects of e-discovery, as well as the use of the latest technologies for the presentation of evidence at hearings and trial. We have in-house document processing, review platforms and server capabilities which in many cases enable our clients to avoid the costs of outside e-discovery vendors.  In cases where the use of outside vendors would be more efficient, we are experienced with the options available and the most efficient ways to use such resources.  We routinely handle matters involving hundreds of thousands or millions of documents. 

Fee Arrangements

In most cases, we represent clients based on a standard hourly-rate model.  At all times, we strive to represent our clients efficiently as well as aggressively, and we have frequently been told by clients that our model provides high-quality service at substantialy lower litigation costs overall compared to larger firms that typically use more attorneys on each matter.   

We also entertain alternative fee arrangements.  The purpose of such arrangements is to more closely align our financial interests with those of the client.  Although we generally do not represent clients on a pure contingency-fee basis, we have agreed to arrangements in which we share the risk of litigation success with the client, such as reduced hourly-rates in exchange for a success bonus.  Fee "collar" and other targeted budget arrangements can also help clients manage litigation costs.  These possibilities are not exhaustive, and we work with clients to explore reasonable options for them and the particular case.