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Intellectual Property Law In Texas: Frequently Asked Questions

At Morgan Williamson LLP, our Amarillo intellectual property attorneys are here to protect your IP rights in the Lone Star State. Intellectual property law can be complex, but we are here to guide you through every step in the process. Below are answers to the top questions our clients often have about intellectual property law in Texas. For a consultation regarding your specific concerns, please call us in Amarillo at 806-705-7546 or contact us by email.

What is intellectual property law?

Intellectual property law refers to the legal protections afforded to creators for their inventions, designs, original works of authorship and trade secrets. IP law gives the creator exclusive rights to use and distribute their work, usually for a certain period of time. At Morgan Williamson LLP, our intellectual property attorneys have decades of experience in these matters. We serve clients from a wide variety of backgrounds — from first-time startups to owners of multiple businesses.

What are the different types of intellectual property?

The main types of intellectual property include:

  • Patents: For inventions and improvements to existing inventions.
  • Trademarks: For brand identity, such as logos and brand names.
  • Copyrights: For creative works like music, literature and art.
  • Trade Secrets: For confidential business information that provides a competitive edge.

Our intellectual property attorneys have experience in all of these matters, including IP licensing and internet law.

How do I register a trademark in Texas?

To register a trademark in Texas, you must file an application with the Texas Secretary of State. The mark must be distinctive and in use in commerce within Texas. We can assist with the search, application process, and any disputes that may arise regarding your trademark.

Can I protect my business name as a trademark?

Yes, you can protect your business name as a trademark if it meets certain criteria. The name must be distinctive and not merely descriptive of your goods or services. The name should also not be confusingly similar to existing trademarks.

How long does copyright protection last in Texas?

Copyright protection in Texas is governed by federal law. Copyright protection typically lasts for the life of the author, plus 70 years for works created after Jan. 1, 1978. For works made for hire, anonymous or pseudonymous works, the duration can vary.

What is patent infringement, and how can I defend against it?

Patent infringement occurs when someone makes, uses, sells or offers to sell a patented invention without the permission of the patent holder. If you’re accused of infringement or believe your patent is being infringed upon, we can provide legal advice and representation to defend your rights.

What should I do if I receive a cease and and desist letter for alleged IP infringement?

If you receive a cease and desist letter, it is crucial to take it seriously. Contact an intellectual property attorney at Morgan Williamson LLP immediately. Do not respond to the letter or take any actions that could be construed as acknowledgment of infringement until you have legal guidance. Our ip attorneys can help you understand the allegations and determine the best course of action, whether it’s negotiating a settlement or defending your rights in court.

How can Morgan Williamson LLP assist with IP litigation?

Our team at Morgan Williamson LLP has extensive experience in all aspects of IP litigation. We can represent you in cases of alleged infringement, help enforce your IP rights and work to resolve disputes in the most favorable manner. Whether through negotiation, mediation, arbitration or trial, we can work to protect your intellectual property interests.

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