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When a business extends credit or performs a service under contract, they should be able to depend upon fair and timely payment. Outstanding bills are the bane of a business’s finances, not only can they hold up accounting matters, but they can also cause irreparable harm to a business’s revenue and stability.

At Morgan Williamson, Texas businesses have access to a stalwart advocate who can navigate the complexities of contract and business law. In our more than 35 years of service, we have supported businesses across the state in matters involving debt collections.

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How Morgan Williamson Uses The Law To Collect Outstanding Debts On Your Behalf

There are a wide variety of circumstances that warrant legal intervention for the collection of debts. Depending on the structure of the debt, whether the debt is commercial or consumer and the context of the situation, our attorneys can pursue restitution using tools such as:

  • Filing and enforcing liens on property
  • Pursuing evictions or forcible detainers
  • Renegotiating contracts, particularly during reorganizations
  • Filing judicial and nonjudicial foreclosures or deeds-in-lieu
  • Protecting creditors’ rights during bankruptcies

No matter how contentious or difficult the collection, our attorneys are excellent at obtaining compensation for outstanding debts and unpaid bills.

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