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When and why should you establish a trust? If it is on your mind, there is no time like the present to get started. Texas laws require that someone who sets up a trust must be of sound mind. Therefore, do not put it off thinking that you can get to it anytime. You may run out of time and miss the opportunity to allow your family or other selected beneficiaries to receive your assets according to the terms of the trust you create.

The experienced estate planning attorneys at Morgan Williamson can explain and facilitate the creation of one or more trusts that will meet your needs. To schedule a consultation, please call 806-705-7546 or complete our contact form. We advise and represent clients throughout Texas.

What Will Your Trust Accomplish?

Depending on your family and financial circumstances as well as your goals, a well-crafted trust may help your beneficiaries:

  • Avoid probate court or minimize the assets that will go through probate
  • Reduce or avoid inheritance taxes
  • Contain legal costs of settling your estate
  • Receive their inheritances more expeditiously
  • Prevent estate litigation

Have you been tempted to try to create your own trust using instructions found on a website or an instruction book? Such resources may give you good ideas, but to ensure that your trust(s) will do what you expect them to do, work with an experienced lawyer.

At Morgan Williamson, we will customize our advice and act in your best interests through all stages of our attorney-client relationship. In other words, we will not recommend that you spend more than you can afford to create complex trusts that do not serve your purposes. Contact us for trustworthy assistance in creating a trust such as the following:

  • A testamentary trust that is part of your will
  • A revocable living trust that allows you to keep control of your assets during your lifetime and make changes to the trust as your circumstances change
  • An irrevocable trust that you may choose to create for tax reduction or disability care planning purposes
  • A special needs trust, possibly for the benefit of your disabled spouse or adult child
  • A generation-skipping trust for your grandchildren’s education or other purposes

A review of your resources, goals and legal options will help us personalize our advice and enable you to make the right choices.

If you are the trustee for a trust created by a family member or friend who will die soon or has recently died, turn to our estate planning lawyers for guidance in administering the trust.

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