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Our Texas Estate Planning Attorneys Can Help You Create Or Update Your Will

A valid will is the foundation and starting point of a comprehensive estate plan. You may realize that you should have a will without being sure how simple or complex it should be — or what it will cost to get an enforceable will created. An estate planning attorney’s appraisal of your overall situation and expectations can help you move forward with a plan for putting a will in place.

The good news is that the estate planning attorneys at Morgan Williamson LLP are diligent in assessing people’s priorities, family structures and financial portfolios without wasting time. Our goal in our estate law practice is to personalize our advice about wills.

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What Your Will Should Likely Include

Assuming that a will is prepared and signed according to the laws of Texas, the will usually spells out:

  • Who you designate as an executor or personal representative
  • Where you want your assets, including money, real estate and more, to go when you die
  • Whether the independent executor can serve without bond

If the will is incomplete, inconsistent or signed improperly, it can be more easily challenged in a will contest than if the will is otherwise done correctly.

Even if you expect to put most of your assets in trusts, you should have a pour-over will to account for anything that comes to your estate between when you die and when your estate is settled. Examples of incoming assets include:

  • Income tax refunds
  • Payouts of commissions, lottery proceeds or other assets that have inherent lag times
  • Proceeds from lawsuits that you had filed and were resolved in your favor and paid after your death

If your will is part of a larger legacy plan, possibly affecting business succession and/or including one or more trusts, it is important to make sure there are no contradictions that would lead to a prolonged probate process or leave the estate’s integrity vulnerable through a will contest.

Let Our Estate Planning Attorneys Help You Get Your Will And Estate Plan In Order

Don’t hesitate to get our experienced estate planning lawyers’ guidance when drafting your will. It may not need to be a complicated document, but it must be done correctly. We can review your situation and draft a will that makes your wishes clear and enforceable.

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