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The probate and estate planning attorneys at Morgan Williamson are a trustworthy resource for individuals and families in need of forward-thinking estate planning and the resolution of probate matters. Our estate planning lawyers have extensive experience in helping our clients preserve and transfer wealth, as well as avoid probate proceedings altogether.

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A valid will is the foundation and starting point of a comprehensive estate plan. Our estate planning services encompass the full breadth of documents and issues that you may need or encounter, including:

Frequently Asked Questions About Estate Planning

To discuss your concerns and get answers to your specific questions, contact Morgan Williamson today to schedule a consultation with an experienced estate planning and probate lawyer. Below are some of the more common questions that people have about estate planning in Texas.

When should you create or update your will?

Adults of all ages should have wills. However, certain life events serve as reminders for many people to verify that their wills are up to date. When you get married, become a parent, move from one state to another, or approach a trip abroad or another venture marked by risks, this is an appropriate time to have your will looked at by a knowledgeable attorney.

When is a trust better than a will?

This question is deceiving, because even someone who puts most or all of their assets in trusts should also have a will. A pour-over will can account for any assets that come into the estate after most property has been transferred to a trust. Trusts may reduce tax liability and simplify the process of passing assets from one generation to the next.

An exploratory consultation with a knowledgeable estate planning lawyer can be eye-opening. We encourage you to inquire if you are interested in creating or updating your estate plan.

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If you don’t have a will or if your existing will is outdated, your legacy may be at risk. Put your mind at ease by consulting with an estate planning attorney at our firm in the near future.

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