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Dependable Results For Our Corporate Insurance Clients

Insurance litigation issues can easily become highly complicated and require managing hundreds if not thousands of documents. They also require a level of experience and litigation skill that is above and beyond.

At Morgan Williamson, our clients have access to our full array of professional and legal resources and can leverage a full team of attorneys to manage their insurance issues.

To schedule an appointment at one of our two offices in Amarillo, please call 806-705-7546 or complete our contact form. Our attorneys represent clients across Texas.

Common Insurance Matters

Our firm works regularly with insurance companies in Texas for issues related to:

  • Drafting personal and business liability guidelines and policies, including homeowner policies, landlord and renter policies, life insurance policies and other specialized policies
  • Compliance management and regulatory review, including reporting and online data management
  • Aggressive defense for first- and third-party insurance claims
  • Third-party administrator (TPA) and insurance code claims
  • Other litigation needs

We have a long track record of success in insurance law matters. We are happy to review your case in great detail and develop a custom-tailored strategy that is designed specifically to achieve your goals.

Consult With An Insurance Lawyer

Our insurance law attorneys work statewide with insurance companies on complex litigation issues. You can set up a consultation by calling 806-705-7546 or through our contact form.