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Protecting Your Intellectual Property And Your Business

Logos, computer programs, proprietary information and art all have one thing in common: despite their lack of a tangible product, they are all crucial to the businesses that use them, and they deserve legal protection from infringement.

With a more than 35-year-long history representing Texas businesses, our team of more than 15 lawyers has the extensive experience and legal acumen to protect your intellectual property rights now.

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What Every Business Owner Should Know About Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is a broad term that covers a wide range of business matters. In general, you can think of it as covering all the things a company produces that a customer cannot touch, such as logos, cookie recipes, software and fine art. The specific legal protections for these assets depend on what type of intellectual property is involved, namely:

  • Trademarks: A trademark is a way that consumers can identify your product, like a logo or a symbol.
  • Copyright: Copyright protects creative works like written works, artwork or music.
  • Trade secrets: Trade secrets involve methods or means of producing an item or fulfilling a service that are unique to your business, such as recipes, unique ways of machining, specific grass fertilizer formulations and other similar items.
  • Licensing of intellectual property: Licensing agreements allow another person or company to use your intellectual property, typically as a part of a paid contractual agreement.
  • Computer & internet law: Information on the internet, such as websites, videos and other media are intellectual property with legal protections.

Our Amarillo trademark attorneys can help you navigate these complex issues.

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