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The intellectual property attorneys at Morgan Williamson LLP have a 35-year history of representing Texas businesses. Attorney Chris Stewart and his team have the extensive legal experience and business acumen needed to protect your intellectual property rights now.

Our clientele includes entrepreneurs launching their first startups, as well as businesses with intellectual property concerns dating back decades. We provide sound IP legal advice, document drafting and representation for small and large businesses in Amarillo and throughout Texas.

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What Does IP Include?

Categories of intellectual property include trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets and related licensing issues. These types of IP encompass business names, creative works, photos, proprietary data, designs, processes and concepts. Intellectual property qualifies as an intangible asset due to its nature — it exists as a product of the mind rather than something physically tangible.

To learn more, please see our Texas Intellectual Property FAQ.

Let Us Help Protect The Current Value And Potential Value Of Your IP

The worth of a business’s name or trademark, or the value of artistic expression within a book or photo, constitute intangible assets. A business, book or photo may have a physical presence, but the value of the name associated with the business, or the value of the artistic expression in the book or photo, remain intangible. The value of intellectual property stems from its exclusivity and the associated rights, rather than any physical form the property may take.

At Morgan Williamson LLP, we can create documents that are designed specifically to safeguard the value of your intellectual property now and in the future. We can also effectively address any infringements on your intellectual property rights, as well as address any allegations of infringement that you may face. Our intellectual property team takes a forward-thinking approach in these matters, and we bring decades of experience to our counsel and representation.

What Every Business Owner Should Know About Intellectual Property

Our firm identifies the intellectual property that best protects the intangible asset. The scope, duration and nature of the rights will vary depending on what type of intellectual property is involved, namely:

  • Trademarks: A trademark is a way that consumers can identify your product, like a logo or a symbol.
  • Copyright: Copyright protects creative works like written works, artwork or music.
  • Trade secrets: Trade secrets involve methods or means of producing an item or fulfilling a service that are unique to your business, such as recipes, unique ways of machining, specific grass fertilizer formulations and other similar items.
  • Licensing of intellectual property: Licensing agreements allow another person or company to use your intellectual property, typically as a part of a paid contractual agreement.
  • Computer & internet law: Information on the internet, such as websites, videos and other media are intellectual property with legal protections.

Our Amarillo trademark attorneys can help you navigate these complex issues and develop a comprehensive strategy for protecting your interests.

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