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Making Texas Businesses Better Through Effective Employment Law Counsel

As businesses grow and operate, employment-related issues will arise. The difference between a successful and resilient business and one that fails under these pressures is how the business prepares for and handles employee issues. With experienced legal counsel, your business can develop thoughtful employee policies and pursue strategic and sound legal resolutions to conflicts for employers and employees alike.

At Morgan Williamson, our team of legal professionals has spent decades working to protect and prepare employers for long-term growth through strong employment law representation.

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Comprehensive Employment Law Service

Because our firm has a full-service team of employment law attorneys available, we can support you at any stage of an employment law conflict.

We assist employers in the following ways:

  • Developing employee handbooks, human resources policies and policy manuals
  • Negotiating employee contracts, including the terms of noncompete agreements
  • Representing employers in wage disputes, wrongful termination claims, severance issues and other employment law issues
  • Litigating conflicts that cannot be resolved outside of the courtroom

We assist employees as well, particularly when they are facing issues such as unfair noncompete agreements, discrimination, wrongful termination and other disputes.

Take Control Of Your Employment Law Disputes

Whether you are at the very beginning of your employment relationship or are well into a dispute, there are resolutions available.

Get wise, experienced counsel from lawyers who understand the Texas business law landscape. Reach out via our contact form or call 806-705-7546 today.