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At Morgan Williamson LLP, our litigation team represents parties on both sides of personal injury cases. That is, our clients may be insurance companies or businesses in defense against personal injury claims or they may be individuals injured in accidents. With in-depth experience on both sides of personal injury litigation, we are equally ready to defend insurers against unsuitable claims and to fight for the rights of personal injury plaintiffs in tough cases.

Fair and just outcomes in personal injury law often amount to eligibility, evidence and timing. Whether we are defending clients against personal injury claims or fighting for compensation for the injured, our goal is to achieve results that are legally sound and in support of our clients’ interests. When representing an insurance company or a business that has been sued, we will carefully examine evidence of what happened and scrutinize insurance policy terms. If we are on the side of the personal injury plaintiff, we will prepare detailed investigations to prove what happened, how it happened and who should pay for the injuries.

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Types Of Accidents And Injuries

Clients of Morgan Williamson are defendants and claimants in personal injury cases in Texas. The personal injury cases that we handle often involve the following:

  • Automobile accidents: car, truck and motorcycle crashes
  • Slip-and-fall accidents and other premises liability situations
  • Injuries due to dangerous and defective products
  • Medical negligence-related injuries
  • Dog bites, burn injuries and toxic exposure accidents

Injured people seek compensation for medical treatments, lost wage replacement, and pain and suffering. Insurers and businesses, on the other side of the coin, need professional defense to limit their losses. We know what it takes to present strong arguments for either side in a personal injury case. Experience on both sides of these cases positions our team to achieve optimal results.

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