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Leveling The Playing Field In Eminent Domain And Condemnation Proceedings

Eminent domain is the power of the government and certain private entities authorized by the government (e.g. utility companies) to take private property for public use. Constant expansion of cities and roadways in combination with pipeline growth and other industry projects has led many property owners into conflict with cities, the state, and utility companies over eminent domain issues from easement expansions to infringements on property lines and even full property seizure.

Since our founding in 1985, the eminent domain lawyers at Morgan Williamson LLP have used our extensive experience and resources to stand up for residential and commercial property owners. We can help ensure that any agreements or settlements that you sign will respect your rights as a landowner and benefit you as much as possible. Property owners throughout Texas trust our law firm for good reason.

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Know Your Rights As A Property Owner

Eminent domain and condemnation proceedings can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars in the value of your property. It is absolutely critical that you know your rights and do not accept less than you deserve. Our attorneys bring decades of experience and a full legal team to cases involving:

  • Utilities development and infrastructure, including pipelines and electrical lines
  • Roadways and transportation
  • Government encroachment
  • Inverse condemnation
  • Regulatory takings
  • Other issues

Our attorneys have worked in courts across the state in cases like yours. We understand how to approach conflict in these venues and have the resources to compose a curated and customized strategy that showcases your rights and promotes your best interests in the long term.

Have questions? See our Texas Eminent Domain and Condemnation FAQ.

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