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In recent decades, Texas has undergone major growth resulting in much construction and development. When legal issues arise in these projects, the consequences can cost millions of dollars and cause months or even years of delays. Texans trust the lawyers at Morgan Williamson to step in when legal conflicts arise in construction.

At our firm, construction companies, contractors, property owners and investors have a voice and an advocate.

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You Need An Experienced Lawyer For Your Construction Project

All construction experiences hiccups. In some cases, the issues are minor – for example, there may be difficulty getting some supplies. In other cases, the issues cannot be resolved alone and get more complicated over time. It is worth ensuring first that all your contracts and business transactions are in order through careful legal review. Then, if an issue arises, you will be prepared to reach out to an attorney early to ensure you have a plan in place.

Our team is equipped to manage even the most contentious issues, such as:

  • Drafting and negotiating initial contracts, including those between construction companies and individual contractors
  • Preparing, negotiating and monitoring the implementation of specialty contracts, including on major projects such as gas and oil infrastructure
  • Resolving breach of contract disputes and claims over construction defects
  • Addressing negligence resulting in lengthy and unnecessary delays or failure to deliver on a contract

From church enlargement projects to large housing developments and energy industry development, our firm knows how to protect your rights in all construction arenas. Our clients include general contractors, subcontractors and others with stakes in construction.

Your Rights Are At The Top Of Our Priority List

Our team of more than 15 attorneys can work together to ensure that you get the attention you deserve and powerful representation when you need it. No matter where you are in Texas, our team can back your projects with reliable legal counsel.

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